Personal credit

Personal credit

by loansfinance

    • A fixed APR
    • A duration of 1 to 360 months
    • From € 1,000 to € 75,000
    • One of the best rates on the market

    Personal credit adjusted to your profile

    For each project its financing: buy a new car, plan work or decorate your home, improve your daily life with new leisure, organize a trip or just anticipate a blow? LOANS FINANCE helps you realize your projects thanks to an offer adjusted to your needs and always attractive rates.

    An online application for a quicker study of your file

    You can apply for a Personal Loan online if you prefer not to move to an agency, your file is studied more quickly!
    Practice: follow your online financing request.

    An immediate principle response

    With LOANS FINANCE, you are quickly set on your Personal Loan application: simulate to find the best combination amount-monthly and get a policy response immediately!

    Simple management of your repayments

    From your simulation, you can choose your repayment rhythm which remains unsurprising until your last monthly payment. You can request the postponement of one or more monthly payments (1) with your LOANS FINANCE advisor. You are free to repay all or part of your credit in advance and at no cost! To do this, simply contact your LOANS FINANCE advisor.

    Protection for your loan

    LOANS FINANCE offers you an optional Borrower Insurance (2) allowing you to protect yourself and your family in case of a hard blow (Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Loss of Employment, Total Disability of Work, Failure to Perception of Food Pension).


Ready any project

LOANS FINANCE offers you one of the most interesting offers on the market!
How to subscribe online your loan?

Loan Works / Deco

Realize your interior work or take the opportunity to change your decor.

Car loan

Need a new car? First car or two-wheelers?
How to subscribe online your car loan?

Loan Leisure

To live your passions fully: creative or sports activities, outings, etc.

Travel Loans

Thanks to Credit Voyages LOANS FINANCE more than imagine, go!
How to subscribe online your travel loan?

Cash Loan

Whatever your need or your project to finance.

Borrower Insurance useful for your loan

Depending on the nature of your loan, your professional or family situation and patrimonial, ensure your loan may be essential to cover you in case of hardship.

  • Taking care of your monthly payments

    n the event of unforeseen circumstances, Borrower Insurance can cover the amount of your remaining monthly payments, according to the conditions defined in the contract in the following cases:

    • Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy,
    • Total Disability of Work,
    • Job Loss,
    • Failure to collect the Food Pension
  • Essential protection

As in all Borrower Insurance contracts, it is intended to cover at least the borrower in the event of death. The outstanding capital is reimbursed by the insurer in case of death of the borrower.

  • A blanket for your everyday life

You are protected if you can not work for reasons of health, loss of employment or if you no longer collect your support from your former spouse following your divorce.

  • Synchronized membership to your Consumer Loan

    When applying for an Online Loan, read the conditions and choose Borrower Insurance by ticking the box provided.

  • A faster Personal Loan application

    Thanks to a possible online credit subscription, you save time for the realization of your project. Your file reaches us faster than by mail. Our teams study your Personal Loan application without waiting.

  • A simpler credit subscription: the steps of your request in detail

    To apply for your Personal Loan online, it’s easy!

  • A support throughout the realization of your project

Simulation, completion of the file, study … You have questions about your project?
We answer your questions :
– by email from the link Contact present in home page
– by phone, Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 20:30 and Saturday from 08h3


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