Real estate loan

Real estate loan

by loansfinance

For your mortgage, you are looking for:

  • To go around all our partner banks with one click
  • In order to obtain the best financing for your acquisition

Our mission :

  • Defend your case to the best of your interests

Our solutions :

  • The best fixed rate guaranteed market
  • Financing up to 120% (including notary fees and works)
  • A credit of 5 to 30 years
  • The service of a credit expert
  • A response within 48 hours

Test and you will see that you will realize real savings!

2 possibilities :

LOANS FINANCE accompanies you and advises you throughout your project. Let’s put together your file and we will negotiate it for you with our partner banks. Enjoy the best rates and market conditions with ease.

For your information: because your mortgage is not just an interest rate, we also negotiate for you the insurance and the guarantee.

Indeed, your mortgage is broken down into 3 main elements that we must negotiate in order to optimize your loan file:

1 – The rate:

Nous vous proposons les meilleurs taux négociés au mieux de vos intérêts

2 – The insurance:

We offer tailor-made insurance contracts allowing you to save up to 70% on the bank’s insurance, while keeping the same conditions.

3 – The guarantee

Because a guarantee is not taken lightly, we study together the one that is the best adapted and the most economical (bond, mortgage, mutual …)


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